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About our Classes


Ballet has a big role in the success of a dancer. Focusing on technique, control, strength and flexibility to create the foundation needed to pirouette, leap and perform. It also enhances focus, dedication, and mental health.

Street Dance

A fun and upbeat dance style that combines all the up-to-date dance moves with the latest chart music. Learn to dance like popstars and have fun!


Tap dance is a fun way to learn rhythm and if often associated with a jazz style of dance. Often used in musical productions this form of dance is a great way to gain confidence and great fun to perform.


Acrobatic Arts brings a gymnastic element into dance routines including aerial flips, spins and circus elements into a performance. Acro requires strength and flexibility, which we teach and develop in a safe environment.


Lyrical combines the controlled movement of ballet with the freedom, power and movements of jazz and modern dance. Lyrical dance tells a story connecting motion, emotion and fluidity whilst performing to music with lyrics.

Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop improves strength and stamina as well as executing beautiful shapes improving suppleness and flexibility.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre encourages children to express themselves through acting, singing and dancing. Pupils are encouraged to perform both individually and as part of an ensemble learning skills that will help them develop into confident performers.

Hip Hop/Commercial

Hip Hop / Commercial dance is a form of freestyle dance. It combines the techniques of poppin’ and lockin’, tricking and break dance as well as including popular and up-to-date trends.

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